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For over 10 years, Pet Health Solutions™ has been providing veterinary quality nutritional supplements for companion animals and horses. Our wide range of U.S. made products include joint support, skin & coat supplements, hygiene, digestive aids and much more. Pet Health Solutions is widely popular among pet owners and the #1 choice for veterinarians.

Pet Health Solutions™ utilizes premium U.S.A. ingredients to ensure utmost effectiveness in all product formulations. Our strong focus on quality control and animal wellness drives the success of our product lineup. Our palatable soft-chew technology delivers more active ingredients.

Pet Health Solutions™ understands equine health care requirements, leading to our development of Joint Max EQ. The powerful formulation of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Creatine provides horses with excellent joint fortifying vitamins and minerals to support their daily activities.

Pet Health Solutions™ introduces Cranberry D-Mannose, a dietary supplement that contains Cranberry Extract and D-Mannose, ingredients known to be beneficial for a dog or cat's urinary tract. Cranberry D-Mannose helps support and maintains a healthy urinary tract.

Pet Health Solutions™ introduces Omega-Caps™ HP Snip Tips capsules, a highly concentrated EPA and DHA Omega Fatty Acid fish oil supplement for dogs and cats. Omega-Caps™ HP Snip Tips supports pet immune systems, joint health and promotes healthy skin and coats.