I received a container of Syner-G granules as a sample from Entirely Pets. I fed it to my 3 boxers, 2 border collies, and 1 mix breed dog. I was pleased with the advertised benefits...they were definitely happening with my crew. BUT I also realized another thing occurring, or should I say NOT occurring. The 2 boxers and 1 border collie that were hard-core confirmed poop eaters had virtually stopped! I had tried all products, supplements and tricks to stop them with no success! I recently ran out of Syner-G 5 days before my order arrived. Within 3 days all 3 dogs were back to eating poop. I know Syner-G is not labeled for preventing poop eating.... but it definitely helped my crew! Great product!
- Nancy C.

I cannot say enough about this product. Since our beloved dog (passed away in 2008) started taking it at the age of 10 he went from pain of walking, sitting and trying to get up - to a playful puppy with Joint Max Granules. Lobo also loved the flavor of it.I would mix it with a small amount of water and pour it on his food. He was a large breed 130 lbs. and lived to the age of 14. Our dogs will all start using it as they begin to age, with or without injury. It took no time at all then we started using Joint Max Liquid for our elderly cat who's been on it for 3 years now. What a relief for Jackson (age 12 now)who had his leg/pelvis broken as a kitten. Then at that time we purchased Joint Max Equine Triple strength for horses. We have an elderly horse on it and an athletic cutting mare taking it for their joints. It works wonders for pain and wonders for keeping the joints healthy for horses that compete. So thanks for having this product. It has literally changed the lives of our animals! And they ALL love the flavor! And that is a big deal!
I have been using ReMatrix supplement for my dog for 2 months now. It is the best product I have ever used! He loves the soft chews, which is a real plus.
Bosco is a 12 year old shephard mix who has a bad disc in his back, and was limping extremely and was in a lot of pain. My vet recommended one supplemnet, but it was on back order, and the sales associate I talked to recommended ReMatrix. Bosco is now pulling me down the street like he used to a few years ago! He is truly a new dog!
Thank you,
Mary Beth Sammon Our vet recommended [another product] but when I saw an ad for Joint MAX I asked which they thought was better for an older dog with hip problems. Well I switched to Joint MAX and my 11year old Airedale, a squirrel-chasing terrier is now a terror. It has truly made a difference in how he goes up and down stairs.....I see him running more and enjoying the next day more.
Thank you,
Susan B., California We have been using Joint MAX for our 17-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Brownie, for approximately six weeks. We have noticed remarkable improvement in her joints, specifically her hips. We used to use [another product]. Her spine is no longer tender, but her back knees get a little achy at times. I perform range of motion and massage techniques on her. One thing Joint MAX did for Brownie was put the "wig" back in her wiggly tail and butt! She moves around much better. I also take her for morning walks to get her moving which helps. Thanks for recommending Joint MAX to us.
Tammy R., Texas Just wanted to let you know that our favorite joint supplement is Joint MAX Doublestrength. Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!
Thanks so much!
L. J. Halverson
A Very Satisfied Customer Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste.
Leslie R., New York My 11 year old Malamute/Belgian Shepard X has a hip problem which I have been treating with various supplements over the years. When we moved almost one year ago from the west coast, where there wasn't much of a winter, to northern Idaho where winter hits hard and COLD I figured a change in his supplement was in order. He has been on JointMax DS for several months now and the result is amazing!!! He is in a "second puppyhood" with more energy than he has displayed in a long time!!
When we received our first container of JointMaxDS, my dog sniffed it out, got it down from it's storage shelf and proceeded to tear the container in half to get at the tablets!!! This is a dog one has to coax to eat!! Now I know as long as his JointMaxDS tablets are on top of his food he will gobble it right down!!
Gretchen I switched my Siberian Husky from another joint supplement to Joint Max DS at first because the sale price was so much better, but also because it was reviewed as "new generation" of joint supplementation. With the Joint Max DS she has improved significantly and she seems to like the taste better. She's 11 years old and for a while I thought she was going to just stiffen up and not be able to run and play. I'm very happy to have tried the Joint Max DS -- it has improved her quality of life tremendously.
Bett My cat has been taking JointMAX liquid for just over 3 weeks. I sincerely thank you for creating a formula for cats that is "doable". I purchased another brand's chewable tablets for him, but a steak knife would not cut those pills and my cat was not interested. I think I already see positive results and am thrilled!
Thank you,
Teena G. You guys are the best! I tell everyone about you. When I order, I order a lot. I will be ordering another big order in approximately September, the same order I just placed. I have to place two big orders approx every 6 months. One to come to San Diego for my 2 cats, and one to go to Arkansas for people who gave a home to my deceased father's beloved Siberian husky, Trixie. She uses the Joint Max for her hip and the Frontline can't be beat.
Thanks so much for keeping it affordable to get the proper care items for our beloved furry family members.
Pamela B. We want to take this time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming up with and making available to us the Triple Strength Joint Maxx. Our dog was almost crippled and it was so bad the vet said we probably would eventually have to put her down because of the discomfort she was having. Some days she found it excruciatingly painful to even go potty outside. It was breaking our heart. The vet (of course) wanted to put her on high cost prescription medications, which our extremely limited budget could never afford. We got a sample of the TS Joint Maxx in another product we had purchased for flea control and we decided to give it a try when she ate the chew so well. She has not been the same dog. We have our girl back. Not saying she is 100% but she is so much better there is no comparison. Even the vet is amazed.
Thank you so very much.
Bob and Donna I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love your Joint Max Triple Strength Product. I have 2 Bulldogs that I religiously keep on the Joint Max product. I've tried other joint products such as Cosequin and Dasuquin. Neither one of those products held a candle to Joint Max. Occasionally, one of my dogs developed a limp from playing or jumping, however within 2 weeks of starting them on Joint Max they have not limped since. I often wish I could find this product in retail stores for easier access. Would you recommend one of your other products for shedding? Anyway, thank you for developing such a helpful product. My bulldogs and I appreciate it.
Katie Flath
May 18,2007
Dear Doctors,
A bucket of 240 Soft Chews of triple strength Joint Max was given to us by a friend who passed away and, I have not found a veterinary who carries this product. It has been a God sent to us for my husband and I are owned by a this year that white German Shepard. Sugar has a medium bad right rear joint that was giving her trouble. Our vet here in Corpus Christi was giving her Metacam 1.5 mg orally. As you know this is hard in the liver. With your “Magical” soft chews we have been able to keep her in complete comfort, with out her daily dose of Metacam! Her tests (liver) are normal. The director of PALS told me I could order it from them for their veterinary, Dr. Tammy (Tammy Fontanez, DVM) could order it for me if you service Animal Shelters. There place number is ******** Mrs. Cooper's cell phone is ********.
My address in Corpus Christi is:
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
My phone number is ********.
I could not find your phone number; so, I am writing to you with our problem. Sugar means so much to us, she goes every where with us. Travels, etc. Sugar is so intelligent, you can give her verbal choices and she chooses. My husband Says "Sugar do you want to go with me or stay with Chala" If she wants to stay with me she comes and sits on my foot or goes into the entrance hall and waits for her leash. Please help me find your soft chews for it, has been so helpful to her and us.
"Chala" French
Original letter For those of you who may be skeptical of supplements for your pets joints and hips. I bought Joint Max triple strength chewable tablets for my dog who is 11 years old, and he was having some difficulty getting up in the mornings due to some discomfort in his hips so I put him on Joint Max, and about 2 months afterwards my dog acts like a puppy , he gets right up each day, he wants to run out in the yard, and plays like he did when he was a pup. You would never think its the same dog, so do your pet a favor if it has health concerns try a Joint MAX.
Edward V., Mentor, OH Our 10+ German Shepherd Chip had begun to have difficulty going down the top two stairs. The Vet recommended GycoFlex which is 100% mussels-based, smells horrible, and was refused by my Shepherd. Consequently, I had to place it down his throat 2x a day. At the time of reordering, I read about Joint Maz TS and asked my Vet about it. With his approval, I purchased the double bottle saving money by doing so. The tablets were large, but could easily be broken in half or pieces and mixed into Chip's food. The smell was not an issue and after getting used to this addition mixed into his food, Chip now takes his supplement cheerfully. He has not shown any further limping and we are all happy about that. Now if I could only take my OWN glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, that would be great!!
Arlene P., Charlton, New York Greetings. I just thought I would write to tell you that since I changed my dog, SweetPea, to Joint Max triple strength her condition has improved sooooo much. She is able to go on long walks and play again. You can see that she feels much better. She is actually happy. Thank you for that.
Ann P.
Thank you, for your prompt delivery of the joint max, I am looking forward to Jazz my 10 year old mini schnauzer being able to get up the last 2 steps by himself. Here in western Washington in the middle of a rainy night it is not a pretty sight, me, bare footed in soaking wet PJs. Your prompt delivery of metacam is greatly appreciated too.
I am looking forward to doing business with you for many years. The news letter was very informative, I made a copy.
Laura Erickson, (Jazz and Julee—my two mini schnauzers).
P S I saved $20.00 buying metacam from you instead of $45.00 at my vet's. I was very happy to find your Triple Strength Joint Max soft chews for my Rottweiler. He refuses to eat any of the other products that come in tablet form. I am on my second tub of 240 soft chews!
Rebecca T. I used JointMax till I had to find a more comprehensive product for my 14.5 year old shephard. One day he couldn't get up, his back legs didn't work. Did a spreadsheet of ingredients and ReMatrix covered more beneficial things than any other I compared. Another rescue I have is 8, & was hit by a vehicle at 3 years. Her pelvis was shattered, her hips fractured. She's running the acre like a pup! Another partially tore his back leg tendon and held it up all the time. Since they all thought ReMatrix was a treat, I began giving a whole one twice/day to those who really need it, with meds buried inside, and all the others get half. After giving half twice/day to the one with a torn tendon, which the doctor told me required surgery, would unlikely heal by itself, I've noticed he walks and also runs on all four legs...I credit ReMatrix for the tremendous improvement. With a total of 8 dogs, all sizes, shapes and ages, I have to believe that ReMatrix not only repairs problems, but prevents them, too. My 6.5 year old boxer is always stiff anyway, so I hope giving it to him will help to stave off age-related joint problems down the road. Thank you - I've passed the word along to many, including my veterinarian who had never heard of this product. By the way, I go through 3 bottles of 120 every month - I am that positive about this product.
Karen Foland I have had Jack on your product for about 3 months now, he has been having over all discomfort when he gets up in the morning. Since he has been on your product I have noticed an improvement in his attitude and he does not have as much difficulty in the morning getting up. He has even started doing his crazy Lab gallop again, racing about with wild eyes and tail tucked in tight circles. I had not even realized he had stopped until he started to want to play again. He turns 8 in November and I was very concerned on how he was progressing until I put him on Joint Max. He was on 4 chews a day starting out, I have him on three per day now and if improvement continues hopefully I can eventually drop him to two per day.
Thank you again for your assistance,